was one of Budapest’s top co-working spaces, home to a diverse community of freelancers, digital nomads, creatives, techies, startups, enterpreneurs and micro-businesses.

Unfortunately, we had to shut our doors and move on.

See you around!

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In October 2017, has closed its doors in Paulay Ede utca 65.

We would like to thank all our wonderful members, staff, partners, speakers and guests who over these years made one of Budapest’s top entrepreneurial co-working spaces possible.

Back in June 2012, the founders of what would then become were looking for a place which would be much more than just a desk and a chair, but rather a place to hang out with peers, to be inspired by others with great ideas, skills and positive energy.

There was no place in Budapest – at the time – which filled these requirements, so we went ahead and decided to create an inspiring home for the emerging startup ecosystem in our city.

We saw an opportunity and did something about it – like startups do!

The timing was perfect as the Budapest startup scene was developing so quickly filled up and even had a waiting list on several occasions.

We truly felt that we did something meaningful and worthwhile: we offered the best possible home for tech startups, developers and freelancers.

We provided a community they could not find anywhere else, the possibility to make global connections and a great place to work which was open 24/7, amongst the many unique features of our space.

During all this time, we have hosted a great number of local and international startups, entrepreneurs, designers, freelancers and digital nomads.

We had guest speakers from around the world and events featuring top accelerators, incubators and investors.

Last, but not least, we also hosted some memorable barbecue parties on our rooftop terrace!

Fast-forward to today and the landscape is very different.

There are now plenty of great co-working spaces in Budapest – some part of international chains or backed by a significant amount of investor funding – competing for business and doing a very good job in terms of design and community.

In the last couple of months, we have been pondering seriously about the future of our co-working space, also taking into account that the original founding team has progressively moved on to other activities and could devote increasingly less time to it.

A change in requirements from the building’s owners triggered the decision that our next move would be to take a step back and focus on our other businesses.

We believe that we have made a difference in the evolution of the co-working scene in Budapest and we hope that you will look back at your days at the, whether these were many or just a few, with a smile on your face and have some good memories.

We have a lot of gratitude for the people we have spent time with in this place and the experiences it brought to all of us over the years.

Thanks for an amazing adventure to all of you! team